We can provide angel investment to your startup.

This can be used for a variety of things but our favorite is generating more revenue. Shocking, we know. This financing can take the form of straight purchase agreement for equity or a convertible note or even a SAFE. We need to feel a strong alignment to the startup before we will consider investment. Our typical investment is in a B2B SaaS startup where we feel we can provide significant value through our involvement to make the startup more successful.

Our goal is to take your startup from early revenue to $1M ARR.  This is typically achieved through revising strategy, positioning and marketing.  Then also bringing solid B2B SaaS sales processes to the startup along with proper onboarding and customer success to retain and upsell customers.

No more fundraising once you are with us
In addition to an initial investment, we typically provide a convertible note as part of our investment deals for use on an ongoing basis.  This means that you can focus all of your time on the customer and your product rather than endless meetings and pitch decks!

If you think you are a good fit, please contact us.

Get money now!

LogicBoost Labs is able to execute quickly. We accept applications to join the accelerator every quarter and accept 1-2 startups each time.

No more fundraising

Founders should spend the bulk of their time with their customers and improving their product, not pitching to investors.

Advice as you need it

Provide financial advice and guidance when navigating growth, merger or acquisition decisions.