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As a startup, you encounter many challenges every day. There are so many questions and it is hard to know all the answers.

  • Strategy / Mentoring
    • What should our priorities be?
    • Does our business model make sense? 
    • How do we differentiate in the market?
    • What is the most effective pricing strategy for us?
    • What do we do next?
    • What happens when we have questions?
  • Technology
    • Do we have confidence in our technology?
    • Will it scale?
    • How do we create a process around features and bug fixes?
    • What did we miss?
    • What will bite us in the ass?
  • Sales
    • How do we manage the interaction between us and our customer?
    • Why do we win?
    • How do we demo effectively?
    • We don’t know how to build out our sales team
    • How to create a sense of urgency from customers to have a predictable pipeline?
  • Marketing
    • How do we create inbound leads?
    • How do manage a funnel for drip, inbound, paid, PR and tradeshow marketing?
  • Financing
    • How do we pay for everything?
    • How do we think about valuation and financing?

Is this just consulting services?

No, please note that we do not bill for services. These are offered as part of a mentoring and investment package to the startup in exchange for equity. We are not a consulting firm with hourly rates. We want to be a partner in your startup to help you be successful – this means we only win when you win.

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