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We usually do a 30-60 minute call with a startup as a mentor.  Sometimes the startup is looking for help with a particular issue – often it is just a general health check on what they are doing and where they should focus.  The first part of the call is typically getting to know their business model, then we dig into their questions or probe around for current difficulties.  Then we can often suggest a few things to try or even a book to check out.

The mentoring tends to work best when some history can be built with the startup and the mentor so we can dig deeper and follow up on ideas that have been explored.  Often this results in a call once every 4-6 weeks.  If this persists and there is a good fit between the mentor and the startup then it may make sense to become an official advisor and/or investor in the company.

If you are interested in trying a mentoring session with LogicBoost Labs then please contact us. There is no cost although we may decline the meeting if we don’t think there is a good fit. 🙂

Testimonials from our startups

“Super helpful! The session was very helpful in developing a strategy for moving forward. Thank you!” — Hemanth Nair, Founder, visavisllc.com

“I have run multiple companies and worked with many advisors. Jonathan stands out as a highly effective and impactful startup advisor because of his depth of experience and insight. His advice helped us get our entire roadmap and development strategy and implementation in place, and helped us in other areas as well such as marketing, sales and business strategy.” — Zach Cutler, CEO, Propel

“Thanks for the awesome conversation. Your insight comes from our industry and it was directly actionable, which is rare.” — Dawud Gordon, CEO, Twosense Inc.

“Thanks Jonathan. Your capture of our conversation and recommendations are on point. I appreciate your guidance and welcome regular conversations to keep us on track.” — Aarti Smith, CEO, Chainbridge Solutions Inc.

“Thank you so so much for your call last week. I really appreciated it. We have taken all of your advice on board. It was really, really helpful and I’ll keep you updated on how we get along.” — Tyson Adeyemi, Entrepreneur

“Jonathan is very genuine and the only advisor ever that sent a written follow up :)” — Oscar Jung, CEO, BookBuses.com

“Thanks so much for your time! I can’t tell you how valuable it was for me.” — Mike Lafata, San Diego

“Thanks for taking the time the other day. You brought some much needed perspective to our thinking, and I really appreciate you digging in to understand what we are working through.” — Brian Pitts, co-founder of Think Acai, San Diego

And many more.

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